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// May 2012

At-Risk Children Foundation

ARCF’s objectives for 2012 – 2016

As a Non Governmental Organization [NGO] working in Haiti our short and long term goals are to:
1. Continue providing care for 82 children, of which 65 are direct beneficiaries.
2. Build a complete elementary school which includes preparatory education.
3. Build a dispensary and develop a non-prescriptive community pharmacy.
4. Make available IT communication / computer classes.
5. Provide vocational training, and a job network to help secure work.
6. Set up a literacy program for adults, and micro-project enterprises.

The goal is for ARCF to develop a self-sustaining community, and consequently the whole region would benefit. ARCF has secured sizeable parcels of land donated by some prominent local residents and the local government on which to achieve these goals.

Featured Items

Chez Moi Security Wall

Chez Moi’s Security Wall Reconstruction

Cost: $14,000.00
September 20, 2011 part of the security wall fell during the night from a heavy storm, making the property unsafe for use.  ARCF staff made the decision to move the children temporarily.  Now that the wall has successfully been repaired, the children have been able to return safely back to Chez Moi.
The rebuilding of the wall project was funded by: Edward V. Boria and the Mathurin Family.

Chez Moi Water Cistern

Chez Moi’s 20,000 Gallon Water Reservoir Almost Complete

Cost: $8,300.00
This Project is being funded by Mr. and Mrs. Princiotta, Mr. and Mrs Clark of California, and Mr. Daniel Kushner of Cooper City Florida.

Soveyo Pavilion

Soveyo Village’s Pavilion

Located in Custine, Cavaillon-Haiti, this is the site of our up and coming picnic pavilion. This is also where construction for the elementary school will begin in July. To help support these and other projects please click the link below.

Up-Coming Trips to Haiti

The Catholic Mission Trips International

The CMT mission group is coming to ARCF’s property in Custine, Cavaillon Haiti this July with 20 men (10 fathers and their sons). They will begin the initial construction of our elementary school. They are fundraising money toward the project which will greatly benefit the children and the community. Father Lampy will generously provide the lodging for them at the LaJemmerais School in Custine. Fifteen thousand dollars (15,000.00) is needed to help fund this project and to accommodate them for 2 weeks. For the fall season of 2012 we would like to utilize this facility for the children. For more information on this trip, please visit

Children at Chez Moi

Fact Finding Mission

Ms. Kristen Kushner, an educator in Orlando, Florida is planning to make her first trip to Haiti in June. She will be visiting Custine to meet the children as well as the local community. While there she will also visit the future site of the Soveyo Village Community Project. Ms. Kushner has great interest in educating the youth of Haiti. As a teacher in Orlando many of her students are from Haiti or of Haitian descent. Through this experience with her students she has developed an understanding of their culture and a desire to participate in the rebuilding of Haiti. Accompanying her will be David Jessup, a fellow educator with experience in the non-profit sector.

Community planning in Custine, Cavaillon

Trees For Life-Haiti

At Risk Children and Trees for Life-Haiti are proposing a collaborated project in Custine, Haiti. TFL-Haiti will coordinate an effort to improve and protect the area with environmental initiatives such as tree-planting, community organization and a concentrated approach to educating the Children and families in the program to transform the way they relate to their environment.

Agricultural Project

May 2012 Report

We recently applied for a grant of $42,000.00 as a sub-grantee from Hope for Haiti Project through Le Fonds d’Assistance Économique et Sociale [FAES] for one year (March 2012 to March 2013) this fund will be strictly for food and supplies materials for one year (see our annual budget below or click here to download the pdf).

ARCF proposed budget for January 1, 2012 to December 31 2012
1.Salary: Technical and Support staff. Cost $23,400.00
2.To supply / provide food, staples and all necessities Cost $47,000.00
3.Afford schooling, books, and supplies Cost $25,420.00
4.Other Direct Costs: $19,980.00

Thanks to the Milks, Marshall and Hitchcock families for their support in our grant endeavors.

3-Years Operating Budget (January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2014) In USD$

2012-2014 Budget in USD

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