Buy ARCF’s Haitian Cuisine Cookbook

This Cookbook project started out as an idea over a board meeting at the St-Maurice Church in Fort Lauderdale, and the response has been overwhelming. The members, friends and supporters are emailing us that this is just what they've been looking for and are getting copies for their mothers, sisters, aunts, and daughters.

Net proceeds from all donations received go to fund programs dedicated to assist children in difficult situation and will be allocated in the framework of rehabilitation/construction, water, health care and education projects. The Core group of volunteer members is a totally grassroots effort by dedicated people who just said, Let's save the children “one at a time”. Let's get busy and DO something. We know we can't save 1.2 million orphans and vulnerable children in Haiti, but if this book can make their life even a little easier, then we need to do it.

This is a book about to be shared please pass it along to as many people as possible, especially to friends, co-workers and their families. Get an extra copy and give it away to someone who needs it. Leave a copy wherever friends gather: your gym, your hairdresser, your doctor’s office, the teachers’ lounge at your kids school Take one to work and leave it in the break room. Send one to your niece in college and to your grandmother at the retirement home.

The book is still in the process of being created, please donate towards making this happen!