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"Handcrafted Haitian Steel Drum Decorative Designs"

This particular art form was born in Haiti in the early 1950's by a simple blacksmith, Georges Liautaud. In his small shop, he made and repaired tools and created primitive metal crosses, for the graves in the Croix-des-Bouquets cemetery. It was at the encouragement of an American teacher, DeWitt Peters, who in 1944 opened the Le Centre d'Art in Port-au-Prince that Georges Liautaud expanded into the creation of decorative metal sculptures. A few talented men apprenticed under him, and this tradition has continued. A particular metal artist will have assistants, who, as they mature in the art, will branch out and begin expressing themselves with their own designs.

Today ARCF has selected a group of handcrafted artist in its Steel Drum Decorative Design Project. Each metal art sculpture is very labor intense and unique. Because of the intricate designs within each piece no two pieces are exactly alike. This makes your piece a special treasure that you and your friends will appreciate for years to come. As in any art form, some metal work is far superior to others. We have committed ourselves to seeking out the very best metal artists.

This new project will enable ARCF not only to sustain its program, but also contribute towards the construction of the "Soveyo Boarding School" Click here (see our new collection)

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