"ARCF's Support and Reinforcement of the Communities"

The system of education in rural Haiti has two fundamental problems: quality and access. It's noteworthy for inadequate learning material, unqualified teachers and the government's inability to provide resources to improve the Primary Education System.

The average yearly cost to feed and send a Haitian child to school is:

  • $540.00 Provides: 3 meals a day per child for one year.
  • $310.00 Provides: Annual tuition, uniforms, books, shoes/socks (2 pairs) each, school bag, transportation, and supplies for schooling per child
  • $300.00 Provides: first aid medication for more than 50 children in one year
  • $800.00 Provides: All necessary school supplies to educate an entire classroom of 30 students.

These costs are impossible for nearly 80% of all Haitian families, and render school as unattainable. In response to this, in 2004, The Fondation pour la Survie de l'Enfant Haitien "FSEH" and At-Risk Children Foundation created, and implemented the program, "Support and Reinforcement of the Communities". This provides enrollment fees, yearly tuition, complete uniforms, books, supplies and transportation, and other necessities to its beneficiaries. This has resulted in a zero drop out rate, and high grade average students.