ARCF Partnerships

ARCF is always striving to develop partnerships with other like minded organizations. We are very proud of the efforts of all those who have contributed to our successes.

American Airlines Miles for Kids in Need in 2008 flew one-year old Colby Thomas to Miami for eye surgery in order to save his sight. With the help of the Colleyville's Lions Club, ALCON Lab and the Bascom Palmer Eye Institute of Miami Florida we were able to accomplish this giving him a chance for a healthy and productive life.

One Family International "OFI", The Thomas Peter Mission, and b2DataStream partnered with ARCF to build a rooftop water catchment system, with a 30,000 gallon water reservoir, in the Cape-Rouge mountains of Jacmel.

One Family International implemented a similar project in 2009 in Custine, Cavaillon a rural section of southwest Haiti where ARCF has acquired property. OFI and the local organizations: OPAC, AJDEC/Sud drilled a deep water well with a 15,000 gallon water reservoir. This "Bon Dlo" Good Water project is serving our children and more than 4,000 people in the community.

Cross International partnered with ARCF in 2011 to construct a new home for our children after the loss of their previous home due to the 2010 earthquake. Chez Moi, My House in Puits Blain, Petionville serves as a boarding house to fifteen of our older children in Port-au-Prince, who are now able to attend the local school and integrate into the community. Through this supportive, safe and caring environment the children will grow into self-reliant young adults who will positively contribute to society.

Chez Mois