The Soveyo Village Project

There is much promise for the Haitians, but the first challenge toward a better future is to have safe and comfortable communities from which to help rebuild their world. The Soveyo Village is that first critical step because it focuses directly on the children of today by providing them the opportunity for education, healthcare, security and love.

In February of 2008 the local government of Custine, Cavaillon donated a substantial piece of land to AT-Risk Children Foundation. This property is flat, well-drained farmland located in a rural part of southwestern Haiti where the immediate population within a seven-mile radius is approximately 38,000. After extensive research and serious consideration ARCF selected Custine as the site for our Soveyo Village Project. This decision was based on the rural location, the needs of the community, and several desirable logistic elements.

Children Receiving BackpacksThis project will address education, healthcare, housing and social growth of the young people who will reside in the community. The development of this village will serve as a pilot project for future schools throughout the country. Participation of local members in the community is an integral part of this project. The adopted concept is similar to construction techniques used in the USA. Further, to enhance energy power in the region, it is proposed that the new structures will be equipped with solar energy systems that will provide the units with their own lighting capacity. The project focuses on the design and construction of a primary school, a cafeteria, and a home for children without parents, a marketable skill training school, and a dispensary/pharmacy. The village will have a minimum of services including power, sanitation, internet access and first aid supplies.

The capital campaign will be organized by ARCF, and supporting organizations to raise funds from restricted or unrestricted sources to support the building of the elementary school, two dormitories, sanitation system. Supply all required infrastructure, and provide funding to effectively run the school for the first 3-years. Create a comprehensive plan with training for the local people involved so that at a future time they will be a self-sufficient community.

Breaking Ground with Catholic Mission Trips.

The Catholic Mission Trips mission group( is coming to ARCF’s property in Custine, Cavaillon Haiti this July with 20 men (10 fathers and their sons). They will begin the initial construction of our elementary school. They are fundraising money toward the project which will greatly benefit the children and the community. Father Lampy will generously provide the lodging for them at the LaJemmerais School in Custine. Fifteen thousand dollars (15,000.00) is needed to help fund this project and to accommodate them for 2 weeks. For the fall season of 2012 we would like to utilize this facility for the children. For more information on this trip, please visit and our May newsletter here.