Kernan Little League Soccer

Our mandate of helping children and youth find direction and inspiration in where is considered the poorest country in the western hemisphere.

The history of Sylvio Cator, the Haitian Olympic Medalist was born in Cavaillon on October 28th, 1900 he became a famous international Soccer player and played for France on the “Trivoli Atletic Club” team and the Racing Club d'Haiti soccer team. On September 1928, Sylvio Cator setup a world record with his leap of 7.93m at the Stade De Colombes in Paris.

The youth of Custine/Cavaillon are excited knowing that one of the greatest soccer players in history was a Cavaillonais, now they have a hero to look up to; they want to be like him, that’s one positive note that Edzer painted to them. And created the “Kernan Little League Soccer Team after the visit of Andrew Kernan President of ARCF

Soccer is the most popular sport in Haiti. This program provides the children with a recreational outlet while simultaneously encouraging skills like leadership among Haiti youth. $200.00 can provide complete uniforms, jersey's, shorts, socks, shin guards, cleats, water, cones, staff, beverages and snacks per child for one year.

The future of this program depends on generous people, and organization. We hope that you will support our efforts.